Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you ship your vinyl orders? All vinyl are shipped using cardboard fillers on both sides with four cormer protectors, within a cardboard mailer. If you want the vinyl to be removed to avoid seem splits, you must mention this as additional notes during checkout.

2. What are PP Fees at checkout and can they be waved? PP Fees are the Paypal fees that gets applied on my end. You can avoid this extra charge being applied by sending funds required to as gift friend family payment and payment must also come from an avalibile Paypal balance. If it is against a Credit Card fees will still aplly on my end.

3. I want to pay with a credit or debit card, but I don’t have a PayPal account. Do I need to create a PayPal account to purchase online? No you don't need to create a PayPal account. When you are prompted for a PayPal login at check out, there should be an option to check out as Guest or Use Credit or Debit card. Choose that and enter your card information to finish check out

4. How long does it take to ship items once the payment is complete? After the PayPal transaction is complete, orders are usually shipped out by the next 2 days

5. Where can I find tracking information to my order? When items are shipped you should get an email with the tracking number. It will also be listed in your order history. If still not present, log into your PayPal and go to the transaction, where you should find the tracking number related to your payment

6. Under the label pre-orders, why is there a specified date where all order must be submitted by? This is the date when I plan to finalize the order to have the label/distro prepare the shipment. This date also allows me to have the product received by the "Estimated shipping date to customers" indicate . It is possible that an order be prepared and sent before the submittion date if I manage to collect enough pre-orders to reach the needed quantity to get the price on the website. Because it is very hard for label to adjust my orders when a package is sealed up and ready by their carrier, any orders submitted afterwards will have to be submitted to the label/distro when I create a new order with them which can be 1-3 months depending on the distro who has it.

7. Why is the "Estimated shipping date to customer" weeks ahead of the European street date for some titles? As mentioned above, for me to achieve the best pricing indicated I mostly have to order in bulk, on avg 30 titles from the European label / distro. It sometimes takes additional weeks for me to reach that amount with customer requesst and pre-orders. Also, the shipping time from most European label to USA is estimated from 2-4 weeks, depending of their ship method. Hence, because of minimum quantity on order and ship time from overseas it is rare that I will get an import new release physical delivered to me at the time of a European street date.

8. I went to one of the webshops that you commonly order from and see titles that don’t appear on your site. Can I make a request for you to order them? Yes, you can contact me either through Facebook or the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page. Please inform me the title and where you found it online.  However I can't give an exact date when I will have it in, as I make orders with various distros every 1 to 3 months. 

9. From these webshops, can you order me mail-order exclusive vinyl colors / limited pressing? Most of the time if this is a new release; I can't order mail-order exclusive and/or the most limited pressing. It might become available to me after a few months of its release if that exclusive pressing is still in stock from the label, or sometimes it just won't be available to me at all, not even at the mail order price. You’re welcome to contact me a few months after its release and I can check, but it is the label decision and I don’t ask them for favors.

10. I only see a few shirts and patches under Band Merch, can you order more band T-shirts, patches and other merch related items? All the merch that we can get (1,000 shirts, long sleeve & hoodies and still growing) can be pre-ordered 

11. Why dont you carry most USA new releases? USA domestic releases are very common to find on sites like Best Buy and , and most of the time it is on sale or offers free shipping. There is no point for me to compete with those USA online chains. I would rather invest in titles that you can't find easily or are too high priced on those sites. The only USA releases I tend to carry is catalog titles of classic old school death, thrash and black metal bands that chain stores have stopped carrying on a regular basis.

12. One of the disto/labels you had in your Pre-orders are not listed anymore, why is that? There are just some labels that just dont have enough titles in demand at certain times, and making an order with them for such few titles, espechially when I am currently overstocked is just not financial worth it. High Roller Germany and Nuclear Blast Europe usually have a great range of many labels, so I use them as a middle man to labels that may have disappered from my Pre-order list. Plastichead UK is also another great distro in the UK that carries hundreds of labels, but because they deal with the GBP the cost and shipping is almost double compared to the Euro. Orders with Plastichead UK maybe once a year at best, since Manic Music distro in the USA carries much of the known UK labels in demand (Rise Above, Candlelight, Peaceville, Black Mark, Back On Black, Let Them Eat Vinyl, KScope) that Plastichead UK carries. 

13 . What other European labels do order directly with if the opportunity comes up? Hammerheart Netherlands, Agonia Poland, Debumur Morti France, Osmose Production France, Marquee Brazil, Century Media Europe, Floga Greece, Listenable France, Witching Hour Poland, Drakkar France, Cyclone Empire Germany, Alone Records Greece, Norma Evangelium Diaboli France, Metal Mind Poland, Kyrck Productions Greece, FOAD Italy, Soulseller Germany, Earache UK, Season Of Mist France, Inside Out Germany, FDA Rekotz Germany, Steamhammer Germany, UDR Germany, Ear Music Germany, Night Of The Vinyl Dead Italy, AFM Germany, Svart Finland, and always more to come. *** As mentioned previously, I usually use High Roller & Nuclear Blast Germany as middle man to get the labels releases in the case I can’t reach the labels order requirements *** 

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